Friday, July 28, 2017

Tucker's 2017 Summer Olympics!

Tucker's Restaurant is an incredible company! If you have visited one of their 4 locations, you know their energy and excitement is contagious, their food is top notch, their staff is super friendly and they are led by professionals that keep striving for more! 

Welcome to the 2017 Summer Olympics!! 
Your employees are your most important asset. Without their hard work, communication, and trust in each other, it would be impossible. Tuckers knows this and treats their employees like family. You can feel that vibe with each and every one of their tribe members! 

The NRG Crew Pre-Party, Setup and ready to rock!! 

Check out the Hooksett Team and their winning tribal dance!

Never a dull moment as we move right into our silverware sorting competition!
Congratulations to Haley from Dover for winning two years in a row! 

 Now let's party!! 

New London!

Fireworks!!! 🎉

Thank you to Tuckers for throwing an awesome party! We are looking forward to next years olympics! 

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